At the 8/14/13 meeting of the West Side Theatre Foundation, a majority of the Board of Directors (Melanie Milovina-Braun, Mary Escobar, Linda Garrett-Keller,  David Larsen, Farris Larsen, Karen Markum, Martin Salmon) voted to abandon the Foundation's project to establish a non-commercial community radio station for the West Side. Four Board members (Dave Galatro, Kris Nagle, Rick Nagle, Diane Newell) did not support the motion to abandon the project. See the Gustine Press-Standard/West Side Index article here. Some of the statements attributed to the Executive Director (Farris Larsen) in the article are not accurate. To wit:

1. "...the intention was never to incur financial obligations for the operation."
2. "The radio station was never supposed to cost the foundation anything."

How do the above statements square with these snippets (below) from documents filed with the State Attorney General and/or the Federal Communications Commission by the West Side Theatre Foundation?
"...and by operating nonprofit radio station(s) for the benefit and education of the citizens of the west side of Stanislaus County and Merced County..." (Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws)
" operating and sustaining a theatre, a community-centered radio station, and other facilities.." (Mission Statement)
"...establishing, owning and operating an educational, non-profit community supported radio broadcast system..." (Educational Purpose)

Quoting the artcile, "Larsen said no clear business plan had been presented to show how the radio station would pay its way." The
following five quotes excerpted from the Business Plan (approved by the Board at their March 9, 2011 meeting) essentially sum up the Foundation's responsibilities for the radio station project.
"Sustain a forum for alternative points of view..."
"Support the construction and implementation of a public radio station serving the community."
"Continue to grow public support for the Foundation to provide long-term sustenance of the Foundation's programs and operations."
"Continue to grow financial support for programs and operations."
"Operating and sustaining a community-centered radio station and its programs."

As to community support, the Executive Director's statement, "The community just has not come together to back it enough." is not accurate. Over the course of numerous outreach events, members of the Broadcasting Project Committee spoke with approximately 1000 community members
(Gustine & Newman) regarding the proposed station. The idea of establishing a community radio station was widely hailed as a positive resource for the area. Those few who did not support the project could be counted on one hand. Additionally, a random telephone survey of over 90 Gustine and Newman residents indicated broad support from the community.